PRFAQ: Freelance DAO

Press Release

A DAO for freelancersZurich, 15 April 2023

"Michael fixed my leak within a few hours. The service was excellent and paying him was so easy!" said Cheryl Lee, a Zurich resident.

"I joined FreelanceDAO when it formed 6 months ago. Finding work is easy, and I'm happy to pay the 5% commission - I actually voted for it during the community vote." said an elated Michael after completing his job for Cheryl.

FreelanceDAO formed 6 months ago with core group of operators and freelancers. The DAO's mission is to find work for freelancers in a fair and transparent way. Freelancers can join the DAO either with ownership or without. Freelancers interested in ownership need to purchase $FREECOIN.

The DAO votes on all major decisions such as the 5% commission charged on all transactions. Votes are weighted according to $FREECOIN holdings. Staff who work within the DAO ("operators") are compensated in cryptocurrency. All payments between customers and freelancers also take place via cryptocurrency.

"Freelancers join our DAO because of transparency and efficiency, but they stay for the community. Recently, we had someone in Mexico City reach out about a complex electrical problem they needed to work on. Someone else in Sydney who had solved the problem a few months ago helped them solve it!" said Nisha Agarwal, FreelanceDAO's community lead.

Frequently asked questions

How do I join the DAO?

Members can join the DAO by submitting an application as a freelancer or an operator. Members need a cryptocurrency wallet like Metamask to sign up.

How do I invest in the DAO?

Members of the DAO were allowed to invest in the DAO by buying the $FREECOIN token. The DAO is no longer open for investment but may raise funds again in the future. Alternatively, members can invest by buying $FREECOIN on the secondary market.

What can I do with the $FREECOIN token?

Token holders can vote on key proposals within the DAO. They are also entitled to a share of the DAO's profits in proportion to their holdings. Members can also sell their $FREECOIN on the secondary market if they wish to exit FreelanceDAO.

Can I contribute to the DAO if I'm not a freelancer?

Yes. Operators help run the DAO. There are 4 ways to get involved if you are not a freelancer: community management, operations, technology and growth.

How do I get notified about jobs?

The DAO has developed an iOS and Android application called Freeapp. The app notifies freelancers about jobs in their area. Once a job is accepted by a freelancer, it is no longer available for other freelancers.

How do freelancers get paid?

Customers are charged for services using Freeapp. Once the DAO deducts 5% as commission, the remaining funds are sent to the freelancer's wallet.