If you're a creator, Mirror.xyz may be the platform you've been missing

Mirror started as a decentralised publishing platform. It's grown to become a general purpose web3 platform for sharing or funding anything. If you're a creator, you should check it out. Here's why.

Joining the platform

Mirror gated access for early users using the $WRITE token. The token was granted on a weekly basis, and existing Mirror members decided who should join. Since November 2021, the platform is available for anyone to join. All you need is a wallet.

Why create on Mirror.xyz?

Creating on Mirror allows you to do the following:

  • Crowdfund your project by giving contributors a slice of the pie. Emily Segal crowdfunded her novel Burn Alpha and raised 75 ETH.
  • Tiered access for backers. KrauseHouse formed a DAO to buy a basketball team. Contributors have three levels of access (based on their contribution): club, upper and court-side.
  • Share earnings: the platform automatically splits earnings between creators. This is important because it means you could work with people you've never met before, and trust that earnings will be split fairly.
  • Earn from publishing: Every creation can be minted as an NFT. Readers can contribute to the creation by buying into the NFT. Li Jin and Katie Parrot published their article: The Web3 Renaissance on Mirror and received 1.58 ETH for it.
  • Own the content: Mirror doesn't own the content, the creator does. They are free to take the content with them if choose to.

As a creator, ownership of your content and your followers are everything. Take them with you by using Mirror.