Here’s what I’ve learnt from writing every day for the last 33 days

I’ve written every day for the last 33 days: here’s what I’ve learnt

One of my goals in 2022 is to write more consistently. I signed up for Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush’s Ship30for30 program to get started (which I highly recommend). Here’s what I learnt, and how I plan to continue writing going forward.

Web3 is my niche

I started with 3 focus areas: web3, SaaS and the creator economy. Every single essay I’ve written has been about web3. Writing consistently helped me find my passion for web3 and now I’m committing to it.

Writing shouldn’t feel like a chore

Since I found a topic I love, writing never felt like a chore. I consumed so much content on the topic that finding something to write about it was easy enough. Sure, there are days when you don’t feel like writing but like everything in life sometimes you just need to push through.

Learning complex concepts

Web3 moves fast and a lot of the content is difficult to understand at first. Writing publicly forced me to go deep into the topic, understand it and then articulate it for my audience. I also discovered that breaking down complex concepts into simple threads is a passion of mine.

Becoming a better writer

My essays have gotten better over the period. Part of this is due to the program, and part of it is because I just wrote more. If you want to get better at writing, write more frequently.

Daily threads, longer deep dives

I’m going to continue writing as follows:

Daily threads on Twitter
Web3 deep dives using a newsletter