Building a decentralised website

I'm going to cover the main aspects of building a truly decentralised website. If you're interested in web3, you'll find this helpful.

A wallet with Ethereum:

To do anything on the decentralised web, you need a wallet like Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask, and some Ethereum.

Anything you do on the decentralised web involves a transaction, and gas fees (transaction fees). I used Coinbase Wallet and bought Ethereum using GBP.

Buy an ENS domain name:

An ENS domain is your property on the decentralised web.

It's like a domain name and your bank details (so people can send you crypto). I bought by ENS domain name (ntkris.eth) for $73.08 ($26.10 domain + $46.97 gas fees).

Write code for your website:

I wrote basic code for my website using React, TailwindCSS and NextJS, and pushed the code to a GitHub repo.

Set yourself up on Fleek:

Fleek helps you deploy decentralised websites.

You connect your GitHub account, select your repository and Fleek does the rest. Your decentralised website will be accessible on a link provided by Fleek.

Connect your ENS domain:

To connect your ENS domain name to Fleek you need to process a transaction on the blockchain.

The transaction is free but you need to pay gas fees. I paid $22. Once done, you can access your ENS domain (ntkris.eth) using the browser on a wallet, or by adding .link to the end (

Exciting but expensive.

The decentralised web is exciting because it cannot be censored. But it's also expensive. I'm optimistic about this technology and believe the cost will come down.