A decentralised marketplace

Most web3 companies are focussed in the digital world. OdysseyDAO helps people learn about web3. Build space helps people build on web3. What would a web3 marketplace in the physical world look like?

Let's find out.

A task marketplace:

Imagine TaskRabbit.

Customers hire taskers to complete tasks - for example, moving home or building furniture. Company staff manage all other functions. We'll imagine this as a DAO called TaskDAO.

Forming a community

Core contributors form a community to get TaskDAO off the ground.

Core contributors are like the founders of a company. They assume a role within the DAO. Examples are:

  • Treasury: in charge of raising and managing funds.
  • Taskers: acquiring and retaining taskers.
  • Tech: engineers and designers to build the tech.

Raising money:

TaskDAO raises money by issuing a token: $TASK.

The token is issued for anyone to buy on a platform like mirror.xyz in exchange for ETH. Core contributors reserve some tokens. The tokens carry voting power and the ability to earn a share of the profits. The ETH is held in a treasury.

Making decisions:

Major decisions require a vote from the community.

Decisions like whether to raise more money are voted on by the community. The community could decide the threshold for decisions that are made without a vote.

Making money

TaskDAO earns revenue by charging a fee on every task.

A portion of the revenue is retained for salaries to core contributors and for the treasury. The rest is distributed to token holders proportionally. Token holders also make money as the value of the token increases.